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We are nHaus Media, expert photographers and videographers, and we know what's needed to make your listing the star of the show. We have successfully boosted the performance and conversion rates of several real estate agents, and we've done this through well-written copy, stunning photographs, and compelling video.


Now, video, that's our current golden goose.


Realtors want video, because they know that good video does everything from increasing click-through rates, conversion rates, social shares, and organic traffic from search engines. Video is a passion, something we excel at, and it brings us great joy to produce excellent visual content for you. Everybody has a story. We help tell them. What's yours?

That's me up there. You can tell I'm a pretty happy guy. That's because I love what I do!


I started nHaus Media with a dream, to take my experience in real estate and marketing and shape something tangible and perpetual. An artistic medium with great relevance in sales and distribution. Like photography and video, for example.


I'm an amalgamation of numerous skillsets. I'm the founder and chairman of nHaus Media, its marketing specialist, and is also its lead photographer, videographer, and art director.


You could describe me as a tireless workhorse who thinks “out-of-the-box” and has immense passion for his craft. I’ve worn many hats in the past, and I love wearing many hats now. I founded nHaus in 2009, starting out as an IT solutions company, assembled a team of skilled coders and designers, and quickly accomplished several well-received projects for notable clients such as interactive online platforms for A&E, Denon, Movado, and Jurlique, a promo module and CMS for Oomph! Online, and an online responsive social media announcement platform and CMS for Verizon Wireless, among many others. I’ve also worked as COO for Nutrition First by Quality Catering in Illinois, eliminating stagnant inventory and increasing margins and driving profits up by over 40% in under a year.


I have a long history of success in leading initiatives for sales, marketing, advertising, and product management, and has championed the development and implementation of strategic plans and innovative marketing ideas. I’m also a student of Parsons School of Design, and this led to my developing an ardent creative mind and strong sense of aesthetic.



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